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A few things to update on the posts I've made over the years...

Hangover Cures

The basic principal still stands, but throw in some Vitamin B6, and/or some Red Bull. Red Bull is actually surprisingly good as a hangover cure - lots of B vitamins in large supply, some amino acids, caffeine and sugar, so it replenishes lost nutrients, helps with the headache, and the sugar helps trick your system into creating more serotonin.

New info: SSRIs and nausea

Why do SSRIs make you nauseous on an empty stomach? Because the Vegus nerve runs right through there, and it gets affected first. The Vegus nerve is what gives you motion sickness, makes you feel nauseous, and handles a lot of digestive system communication tasks. Speaking of which...

New research: Morning Sickness Cures

I verified this with research from Johns Hopkins after coming up with the idea independently, because I started thinking about what nausea really is... Two good morning sickness cures are either Dramamine (quiets the Vegus nerve, which is causing your nausea), and it's tried and tested on a friend on mine who's going through horrible morning sickness (ends up she tried it before I mentioned it, so this might be pretty well known). The other is half a Unisom tablet plus 50mg of Vitamin B6 - which matches an old prescription-only morning sickness cure that has since been taken off the market. Yes, they'll make you groggy (basically, they're antihistamines, and put you somewhat to sleep), but they're a good cure for nausea. Pick your poison, basically.

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