Potential Snoring Cure

This one seems to help more if you've got anxiety/ADD than anything else; it can certainly alleviate a lot of snoring issues.

I discovered this a while back, when there was this whole new craze about getting more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into your system. I was taking vitamins morning and night, so I just added fish oil capsules bought at Walgreens to the mix.

And unexpectedly stopped snoring.

Or at least, I did for a while. It definitely got a lot better than it was. So I tried a few experiments. One friend of mine with sleep apnea... stopped snoring, pretty much saving his relationship (apparently his girlfriend didn't appreciate the constant sound of sawing wood at night). Another tried it, and got very worried when a few minutes after taking it, he felt like his nose (which was broken) was expanding internally. Very odd sensation - but it seemed to help. I reported this to the local Swedish medical center who have a sleep studies department about 2 years ago... ... and have never heard anything back.

So does this work? Why not try it and find out. You've got nothing to lose - and you probably don't get enough omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet anyway. When you think about the fact that your brain - if you stuck it in a blender and then analyzed it - has about the same density, consistency and molecular make-up as a pat of butter, then maybe just maybe the fats that you push into it make a difference. (That similarity, by the way, probably explains the end of the movie Hannibal). You're supposed to get at least half of your fats in these omega-3 and omega-6 forms - most western diets only supply a tiny fraction of that amount.

If it helps, post a comment and let me know. If it doesn't...? Post a comment and let me know. Right now, I only have anecdotal evidence.

These days I just take Strattera which is a non-stimulant ADD med - like ritalin, but without the fun or street appeal. Apparently I have something with all the symptoms of ADD, but when you do the computer based tests, all my scores are flipped about the horizontal axis with those that a true ADD person would have - but if the symptoms are the same, and the drug works to alleviate them, I'm not sure there's much real-world difference. It also just so happens to completely open up my sinuses, making it possible for me to get snore-free, refreshing sleep.

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asl wrote on Monday, February 23, 2009:

My boyfriend has scalp psoriasis and was recommended to take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) by the Pharmacist. I did some information gathering through the Internet and discovered that Fish Oil could do as well, so he started taking Fish Oil instead of EPO (which he believes is only for ladies). Psoriasis got a little better, but at the same time, I realised that I hadn’t been ‘awaken’ by his snoring for the past few nights. It has just been about two weeks since he started taking Fish Oil. Perhaps it really does help in snoring problems?

iamdan wrote on Sunday, September 5, 2010:

I've been taking fish oil for less than a month now and my room mate just informed me the other night that I no longer snore. So I guess fish oil really helped.

Db wrote on Thursday, September 1, 2011:

My husband stopped snoring after I started him taking fish oil. It’s a miracle!! He’s been snoring for the past ten years!!!

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